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How Can a school decolonise its leadership?

The skills of leading in a multicultural environment are different to those in more monocultural environments because of the additional complexity brought about by cultural differences. In International schools in Africa, where a range of cultures tend to populate the staff rooms, Headteachers need to take this into account if they are to lead effectively. By modifying their own leadership style to suit their environment, they not only show great leadership but also are far more likely to succeed in their leadership objectives.

Moving Beyond Books for a Decolonised Education

Schools are synonymous with books. Libraries are the center point and almost always, reading and writing are top priority in progress reports and school data comparisons. However, in a decolonised education, it is not enough that books hold exclusive access to knowledge of the past. Progressive schools are acknowledging this and reimagining how technology can be used to address the imbalance over which knowledge is shared and how it is accessed.