The Ubuntu

At Ubuntu, we understand the significance of strong education systems and the pivotal role communities play in fostering exceptional growth and development. We firmly believe that by nurturing and cultivating these communities, we lay the foundation for robust education systems that transcend borders and promote collaboration, networking, and learning among like-minded educators.


Usawa Programme

This innovative school development programme fosters collaboration between parents, staff, and students for the development of their schools. It combines in-person workshops, focus groups, and remote mentoring to drive strategic development, leveraging digital transformation for growth.


The Ubuntu HUB

The GO TO platform for educators in Africa offers networking, collaboration, and learning opportunities. It connects educators in a broader education community, fostering a sense of belonging and professional growth, all accessible at their fingertips.


Leading Education Change (LEC) Conferences & Workshops

Our Leading Education Change (LEC) workshops and conferences cater to educators in Africa, addressing crucial aspects of transformative education through a combination of in-person and remote sessions. These events foster networking, collaborative learning, and the sharing of experiences to enhance skill sets.


Teacher Leader Pathways

Teacher Leader pathways offer accredited courses and communities for individuals to embark on a transformative journey, bridging the gap between their current position and desired future goals.

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