Who We Are

Ubuntu is a skills development organisation focussed on the wholesale improvement of education in Africa. We provide a common lens for educational organisations to view change, network together and access skills within the African continent, that are contextualised and unique to the needs of African educators. 

Through the sharing of targeted and bespoke consultation, and with a powerful focus on online outreach to communities where there is a thirst for development, Ubuntu believes that through a sense of sharing and communal effort, the conversation about education in Africa can change to reflect the diverse and dynamic needs of the newest generations. 

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, education culture has shifted the needs of the younger generation and the way that education institutions can meet these needs. A focus on the development of remote learning opportunities for educators has increased and the need for many institutions to access professional development from the wider education community has also increased. 

Ubuntu is committed to providing the educational skill and expertise to help this happen. Ubuntu is further committed to making ours an accessible service by providing affordable, on-site support where possible, and by making use of online technology to engage regularly with partners in the quest for their development. 

Ubuntu means “I am because you are.” 

Why Choose Us?

Bespoke Service

We believe that each organisation has its own set of unique challenges and solutions. Ubuntu will help tailor your solutions to your context.

Partnership Focussed

We believe that the best results are found in collaboration. Our team will help find your path with you.

Contextualised Expertise

The Ubuntu team has extensive experience working in the African education sector and we will bring our experience to the table to make our work together as effective as possible.

Innovative Approach

The Ubuntu team is accustomed to thinking ‘out of the box’ to solve complex problems. This experience will be brought to the table to help in solving challenges within your context.

Check out our Testimonials

"I feel more confident and this will show in the way I work with my colleagues"
UML Participant
Day 1, UBUNTU Middle Leaders Course
"Overall, the day was brilliant. I really liked the way we started – it created the right atmosphere for a very interactive day. The use of videos, pictures and sharing of experiences made the day enjoyable and meaningful"
UML Participant
Day 1, UBUNTU Middle Leaders Course