Our Consulting Services

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Using a collaborative and innovative approach to organisational development, the Ubuntu consulting team seeks to work with its partners to find lasting solutions that work for them, in their context and with the resources they have at their disposal. Our purpose is to make sure that you have the tools available to you that will help position your school digitally as well as contextually and culturally. Our team of skilled educational professionals  will provide the expertise and coaching capacity to allow you to make the changes that you desire. 

Ubuntu is further committed to making ours an accessible and adaptable service by providing affordable, on-site support where possible, as well as extensive use of  online technology to engage regularly with our partners in the quest for their development. 

Below are some examples of processes and products  we have delivered for our clients or indeed ourselves in specific contexts. However, as we base our consultancy on the need to respond to our partners’ needs, this is not an exhaustive list.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Many organisations are finding that they need to represent what they do more quantitatively to their donors and other stakeholders. Establishing M&E systems that speak to your stakeholders in the language that they will understand is what we do at Ubuntu:

  • M&E Policy development
  • Identification of core criteria
  • Development of monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • Digitising of M&E processes
  • Ongoing training, support and capacity building to make the processes sustainable.

Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a rapid shift in the digitisation of organisations all over the world. Education organisations that have embraced  technology solutions to lockdowns have, to an extent, managed to mitigate against the loss of education for their students. At Ubuntu we have cutting edge experience in the establishment of digital platforms that are specifically designed to successfully facilitate ongoing learning opportunities for children, both in and out of the classroom:

  • Bespoke design & creation of Digital Learning Space (DLS)
  • Ongoing training and support to build internal capacity.

Strategic Development

Clear strategic and organisational planning is what sets good organisations apart. Planning for your context is something which we, at Ubuntu, are passionate about and have a lot of experience in. We will work with you to understand what you want and from there we can support and guide in the development of your internal systems and processes. Some examples of what we can offer:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Organisational structuring
  • Process mapping
  • Systems development


It is not always easy to find the right candidates for the roles that you may have on offer. The process of recruitment can be fraught with challenges and unforeseen hurdles, and getting the right candidate requires time and skill. At ubuntu our recruitment services include:

  • Compiling advertisements in line with your desires and expectations
  • Advertising the roles on the appropriate platforms / media
  • Designing and implementing the application process
  • Conducting long list interviews
  • Contacting referees and obtaining references
  • Finalising shortlists of candidates
  • Design of shortlist interview process.

We also provide the platform for you to advertise roles at your school or organisation on the Ubuntu Hub (from December 2021)

Strategic Decolonisation

This is a new and developing focus of Ubuntu as we embark on a journey with some existing and some new clients to contextualise their organisations so that, not only are they able to ensure high quality provision for their students, but they can ensure that their students are exposed to the building of skills that will help them build their futures in an African context.