Africa’s leading School Improvement Subscription service, designed to transform your school from the inside, out.

The time is ripe for education in Africa to be transformed rather than ‘patched up’. The Usawa Programme is a school development subscription and accrediting service that prides itself on its unique, collaborative approach to achieving quality education. In the true spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ Usawa helps schools to transforms from the inside, out.

Usawa in Action

Any existing school, or new school, wishing to make transformative change to meet modern educational demands, can embark on the Usawa programme.


How Usawa Transforms Education



We enable schools to contextualise (and decolonise) their establishments and curriculum by understanding, addressing and meeting the needs, aspirations and challenges of their students and the local/national/regional context.



We help ‘foster strong relationships between school, stakeholders, and the wider community - leading to effective, collaborative and inclusive school improvement, and effective learning partnerships.’



We support schools in developing an increasingly holistic approach to whole school development planning, and curriculum design, by viewing both through the lenses of heart, head and hands.



We support schools in realising the potential of their students by reimagining how education can be innovatively delivered in their context, so students are prepared for life and work in the 21st Century.