USAWA is Ubuntu’s unique process that builds on a community’s contextual knowledge and cultural understanding, to co-create highly scalable tools for widespread school development. All Usawa programmes are run on a non-profit basis and are intentionally designed to maximise sustainable and scalable impact across Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in schools where the funding of development continues to be a challenge. 

Areas of Expertise


Digital Transformation

The global digital gap is growing, not shrinking. In the modern world schools cannot think about maintaining pace with global trends swithout payiong attention to their digital development.

The Digital Transformation for Schools (DTfS) initiative, supported by the Mastercard Foundation, endeavours to pioneer innovative strategies designed to support underpriviledged schools in the integration of technology into their systems.


Early Childhood

Preparing children effectively for school has become a significant priority for African governments. However, a common sight is young children receiving outdated and ineffective instruction while seated at desks.

Ubuntu’s Early Childhood programmes focus on developing culturally relevant and effective strategies to improve the life chances of Africa’s youngest learners.



Optimal school development requires highly effective leadership at all levels within a school hierarchy. The UBuntu Leadership programmes focus on the development of the ‘soft skills’ integrated with key elements of school leadership. 

At Ubuntu we believe that increasing leadership capacity throughout a school hierarchy, increases a school’s internal  capacity for change and development, resulting in outstanding progress potential.