Our People

Ubuntu Executive Team & Partners

David Marriott

CEO & Founder

David is an experienced Headteacher with educational experience in Africa and the UK. He has a deep seated belief in the untapped potential of the professionals within the African Education system, and an understanding of the nuances that give African education a uniquely exciting flavour on the global education stage.

Eric Mugwiza

Technical Manager & Founder

Eric is an experienced IT specialist within schools, having led Digital Transformation agendas in both Rwanda and Malawi. Eric possesses a keen interest in the leveraging of technology to provide growth opportunities for those who have previously not had them. 

Jess King

COO & Co-Founder

Jess is an experienced educator with a deep understanding of the African education landscape. Jess’ core belief lies in the potential for education in Africa to be grown from within through a process of decolonisation and contextualisation. Jess is also a skilled marketer and PR representative, ably sharing the Ubuntu vision and mission to a broad network.

Joanna Marriott

Director of Programmes

Joanna is an experienced Early Years Professional with a history of highly effective leadership in an African International school. Joanna believes the key to accelerated success in African Education lies in the enhancement of Early Years Professional’s skills that they may prepare the youngest children for accelerated learning.

Ubuntu Ambassadors

Mr Chilipo Gunda

Chilipo is an experienced educator with a passion for improving networking and development opportunities for teachers in Africa. Chilipo is currently holding a leadership position at an International school in Malawi.

Mrs Atupelekyala Mdeza

Atupele is a secondary school teacher with a range of experience across the primary age range as well. She fosters a passion for the development of Africa as a continent and is actively engaged with development organisations that seek the same.

Ms Clara Magola

Clara is a primary school teacher with experience that crosses different continents. Clara is a keen proponent of the decolonisation of education in Africa.

Ubuntu Advisory Board

Dr. Mthulisi Matshakaile

Mthulisi is a seasoned Headteacher who has led schools all over Africa as well as in the UK. He currently leads a prosperous and progressive independent school in Zambia, and has overseen the development of his school from its inception. 

Mr Hugh Kweku Fraser

Hugh has an eclectic career, having been involved in the finance industry for many years and subsequently taking on a role as an Executive Coach. He has significant experience in education, having served on several school boards, including the oldest independent school in Sierra Leone.

Mr Junior Jesman

Junior works as an animator and developer, in the UK. He is also the owner and Executive Director of three Independent schools in Malawi. Junior has recently been invited on to an international panel to discuss the global teacher retention crisis and will be representing an African perspective on this. 

Mr Douglas Lines

Douglas is an experienced digital leader with proven success in transforming businesses and launching EdTech startups. His experience includes collaboration with Duke and Stanford, mastering design thinking, business model innovation, and cultural transformation. He is a skilled communicator, negotiator, and mentor, and drives team success by empowering individuals. Douglas is globally recognized for his commercial acumen.