Our People

“We are a dynamic team of practicing educators, dedicated to our craft and progressive in our thinking and approach to the education of children in a rapidly advancing, global society. We draft in associates where necessary and where we think their specific skills will match your requirements. We match the right person to the right role!”

Eric, David and Jess met whilst working at an international school in Malawi, Africa. Founding partners Eric and David are African, David being from South Africa and Eric from Rwanda. All three partners were educated in Africa and the UK and share a common vision for education on the African continent; that ‘outstanding’ education should be physically and economically accessible to all children and all educators, and should be contextualised to meet the future that Africa faces.

Ubuntu was formed by David and Eric because the philosophy (meaning “I am, because you are”) is African in its derivation and precisely in line with their personal belief systems and the ambitions they have for education in Africa.

Ubuntu Executive Team & Partners

Mr David Marriott

CEO & Founding Partner

After growing up in Africa, training as a teacher in England and leading a top flight International School in Malawi,  I have amassed an eclectic range of experience in the world of education. As a consequence of this, I have grown a deep passion in the belief that every child should be entitled to an outstanding education that fits his/her personal, social and emotional needs and that will truly prepare them for a dynamic and economically viable future within their specific context.

I have also developed a deep understanding of the challenges that face the African continent, both physically and economically and this is where the Ubuntu seed was sown. I am keenly interested in organisational leadership and have demonstrable experience in developing this in my own school. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I hold a strong conviction that investment in leadership can provide solutions to many of Africa’s educational challenges.

It is my dream that children from all backgrounds are provided with opportunities to be the best that they can be and through Ubuntu we believe we can support educators, throughout the African continent, make this dream become a reality.

Mr Eric Mugwiza

CTO & Founding Partner

I am the Founding partner at Ubuntu Education Solutions, where I lead the Digital Transformation Agenda by promoting and implementing innovation strategies that transform the future of education and technology.

I have a strong background in education especially learning technologies and the role this plays in education transformation. Having worked in the education sector for over 10 years, I have become experienced in integrating Ed Tech into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive, and individualised learning experience.

I am currently the Technology Director in a leading American school in Rwanda with responsibility for eLearning, Digital devices integration, Digital Transformation implementation as well as providing training for teachers. 

My passion for technology extends into my personal life, and what started as hobbies have evolved into an important career development. Therefore, I believe UBUNTU is an ideal opportunity to share such skills and knowledge to help develop education in Africa and beyond.

Mrs Jess King

COO & Partner

Educated internationally for part of my childhood, I had an early recognition of how educational establishments differ, and the effects of this on both individuals and communities. Having completed my undergraduate degree in African Studies I chose to go into teaching because I see it as a very direct way to positively influence opportunities for children.

I am a UK trained secondary school geography teacher and have worked in state and grammar schools in England. After having children, I made the jump to teaching in and later leading an Early Years setting in an international school in Malawi; a role with senior leadership responsibilities. This experience of teaching in different contexts and settings has greatly influenced my own career path and area specialisation: the decolonisation of education particularly in the African context.

Working with Ubuntu allows me to broaden this global conversation and positively impact education opportunities for all.

Ubuntu Ambassadors

Sharing growth through networks and collaboration

Ubuntu is all about community. We recognise the importance of community in building great schools, great educators and great systems. We call this our Professional Learning Community. As we grow, and as we share the message of Ubuntu, we believe the systems that we create and maintain will develop too, in line with the ethos and values of Ubuntu.

An Ubuntu Ambassador is an educator in Africa, who holds the same values and ethos towards education as we do. In other words they are a person who we see as representative of our ‘brand’ within education, and someone who is happy to share these values more widely than their own immediate circumstances.

Apart from being formally associated with Ubuntu Education Solutions, Ubuntu Ambassadors experience several other benefits. These include official recognition on our digital media (where appropriate), opportunities to engage in reduced cost CPD, financial rewards where eligible & use of the brand on their CVs and personal experience logs.

At the heart of everything we do at Ubuntu, is a strong and unwavering commitment to the bright future of African education. This forms the basis of our values and our ethos. Where our paths cross with like-minded educators the opportunity to be an ambassador may arise and we will do what we can to make this relationship emerge. If you are someone who really believes in our mission and vision for African education, please feel free to get in touch!

Ubuntu Ambassadors

Mr Chilipo Gunda

Mrs Atupelekyala Mdeza

Ms Clara Magola

Ubuntu Advisory Board

Dr. Mthulisi Matshakaile

Mr Kweku Fraser