The time is ripe for education in Africa to be transformed rather than ‘patched up’.

Hello Sponsor!

By sponsoring a school through the Usawa Programme you are providing a school the opportunity to transform. Whether that be the curriculum or systems and processes, the Usawa Programme empowers leadership to work alongside staff, students and their community to propel their school from where it is currently, to the collective vision of all stakeholders involved. 

The aim is improvement, to be future proof, to empower staff and of course to provide better outcomes for children (this list is not exhaustive).

The Usawa Programme is revolutionary in the space of educational improvement – and your backing is going to see schools that could otherwise not afford to embark on this journey, set sail. 

We thank you!

External help that contributes to strategic direction and internal capacity building is far greater than any one-off gift to a school.

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Usawa schools set themselves on a path to become self-sustaining pillars of their communities. However, the vast majority of schools in Africa lack the financial resources to embark on this process. For this reason, and in the spirit of 'Ubuntu', we have created several pathways for sponsors and donors to help schools begin their development journey.

As the sole sponsor of a school you will receive personalised recognition on our website in relation to the specific school that you are sponsoring. Additionally you will receive termly digital reports on the progress that the school is making along its Usawa journey.

As a contributor to the Usawa Programme Fund, your donation will be instrumental in allowing underfunded and disadvantaged schools to undertake the programme. There are a number of schools in waiting, ready to start.

The Usawa Programme does not provide a 'quick fix' solution, but rather a strategic and sustained long term approach to growth and development that will ensure their excellence in provision for years to come.

Andy Liles

Usawa Programme Designer - Ubuntu