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Implementation Start Date: August 2022

New Era really is living up to it's name!

6th November 2022

Usawa and New Era Schools began its journey in the summer of 2022 as the school’s current CEO, Junior Jesman began discussions with the Usawa team.  These early conversations gave Usawa insights into the challenges facing the school, as well as a clear idea of the sort of school Mr Jesman wants to develop.  Soon after, Mr Jesman completed Usawa’s initial diagnostic tool and this developed a deeper mutual understanding of what the school will need to focus on as part of its Usawa journey.

Andy Liles, Usawa’s lead developer, made his first visit to New Era Schools in September 2022 and spent the day meeting various members of staff and a handful of parents and students.  Having heard so much about the school, seeing it in person lends a far more complete perspective of the school’s needs and challenges, as well as the potential it has to become a truly successful Usawa school.  Interactions with the community also helped to shape the programme for the first day of facilitation which took place at the end of October.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the numbers in attendance, particularly of students and parents who were healthily represented and contributed brilliantly to the day’s discussions.  The community were delighted that they had the opportunity to air their views and that Usawa, along with the school, took them seriously.  Everyone in attendance found out a lot about the different views held across the community and this shared understanding will certainly help the collaborative effort which will move the school forward.

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