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Educational Reform is the work of many people, spanning many different backgrounds, occupations and locations. That is why we appreciate and value each and every contribution towards achieving our goals to collectively make a positive impact on the education of thousands of children.

Thank you for being part of that movement. 

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Sponsor a School

Empower an underfunded school to embark on the Usawa Programme and make long-term sustainable improvement in the provision of quality education for years to come.

Contribute any amount

As a contributor to the Usawa Programme Fund, your donation will be instrumental in allowing underfunded and disadvantaged schools to undertake our school improvement services.

Fund large scale roll-out

We work in partnerships with Donor Bodies, NGOs and Governments to offer our services to multiple schools. Click here to find out more.

Other ways to get involved

There are a number of non-monetary ways to get involved with our different endeavours to transform the education landscape in Africa. Click here to find out how.

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Thank You

Thank you for being part of long-lasting, genuine and meaningful change. Collectively, we are helping to raise the game for African education!