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Ubuntu is proud to work with donors who recognise and fund solutions to Africa’s education challenges. Together, we can transform education.

Through the strategic partnership with donor bodies we can offer services, such as the Usawa School Development Programme or boxED Teacher Development Courses, to underfunded schools. Our services are highly flexible to meet the needs of the schools themselves, the school context and the donor organisation in question.

We are actively seeking partnerships with donor bodies, and invite you to get in touch.

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Funding Options

Fund The Usawa Programme for School Improvement

The Usawa Programme sets a school off on a (minimum) 12month programme that builds internal capacity and curriculum and organisational balance. It also includes teacher professional development that is in line with the school strategic plan. This is a revolutionary approach to providing quality education that is sustainable and contextualised.

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Fund boxED Teacher Development

Whether it be digital transformation, decolonisation or leadership (to name a few), we host a range of courses for educators on our Ubuntu boxED Platform. These courses cater for educators in Africa and are contextualised, specialist subjects to upskill, empower and transform the quality of education in schools.

Visit boxED for more information on the professional development on offer

Evidence & Impact At Ubuntu

At Ubuntu we value evidence based research. Our products and services are built on the foundation of what works in specific contexts, from access to product design.  We also have internal monitoring and evaluation of our own endeavours and strive to continue to make this as robust as possible.

Our Latest Project

We are very excited to soon be able to announce our latest donor funded project. Roll-out begins in Jan ’23 and will be centred around digital transformation training for teachers & teacher leaders in two African countries. More information coming shortly. 

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