Digital transformation in African schools is vital for equitable education. Ubuntu Education advocates for a digital mindset, emphasising teacher digital readiness and active participation in the transformation. By empowering teachers with the confidence to make this mindset shift, we close the gap between technology often being viewed as a threat by educators and an opportunity by students.

Ubuntu Education believes in a holistic transformation, where teachers, confidently embracing technology to create engaging, student-centered learning environments. This not only improves education in a number of ways, but also aligns with the evolving educational landscape in Africa. We work with a number of delivery partners to ensure that digital transformation occurs relevant to specific contexts. 

Current Programmes

Digital Transformation for Schools (DTfS)

The Digital Transformation for Schools (DTfS) initiative, supported by the Mastercard Foundation, endeavours to pioneer an innovative strategy for schools to adeptly integrate technology into their systems.

Currently in its trial phase, the programme aims to provide teachers with training materials via WhatsApp, that will help them to shift their mindsets in a digital direction, that they may see and embrace the potential that new and existing technologies can bring to their schools and thereby enhance the quality of educational provision.

Scheduled to conclude in February 2024, this initial trial phase paves the way for a subsequent programme geared towards amplifying and implementing the developed tools on a Pan-African scale.

What does it look like?