Become the Leader You Admire

Thinking of taking the leap into leadership? This course is designed for new and aspiring leaders in schools. It will provide insight into what it is to lead a team within a school. By the end of the course participants will understand some basic leadership theory and have gained an understanding of the ‘human’ side of leadership.

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Sharing Learning with the Community

This course explores the massive impact that sharing learning with community can have on students’ motivation for learning, on how teachers plan their curriculum, and how schools can build their reputation in their community. By the end of the course, participants will know what effective sharing of learning with the community can look like and can begin to plan their own community event.

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Bringing Culture into the Early Childhood Classroom

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a rapidly growing area of importance in education in Africa. However, many existing models are not necessarily suitable for the context and culture of our youngest children. By the end of this course participants will have an idea of some considerations to take into account when developing learning experiences for very young children.

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Professional Success as an Educator

This course is designed to give Early Career Teachers and Teaching Assistants a practical guide to think about where they want their career to go, how they can get there, and also tips on how to secure that job when the time comes. By the end of this course participants will have gained skills to consider when progressing their career.

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Teaching is a difficult job, and as teachers we need dedication, resilience and the ‘long view’ to be able to sustain ourselves throughout our professional lives. So what can we rely upon to self-support? This webinar will share a ‘toolkit’ of ideas for value exploration and self-coaching to benefit professional development at all stages of career.

Understanding your own leadership style and what it is your team really needs to excel, are two key factors that will help you grow into the leader that you admire. This webinar covers some basic fundamentals of leadership in a school environment that will help you start to think about your leadership journey.

Join our webinar to equip your classroom with practical strategies that foster critical thinking. Prepare your students for a rapidly changing world. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your students with a brighter educational experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting your journey in education, this webinar will provide you with practical insights and actionable steps to achieve professional success as an educator.

Uncover and celebrate approaches to learning which are not new, but have always been there, and can enable a culturally rich, modern approach to integrating play into curriculum objectives by providing hands-on activities for Maths, Language and Science teaching. Gain practical insights and tools to enhance education and champion culture.

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Frans Matome Makgalo,
Course: 'Become The Leader You Admire'
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Course: 'Become The Leader You Admire'
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Thethelelwe D. Simelane
Course: Games for Learning
“The course helped me to know things I should add to my CV and gave me a better understanding of what teaching philosophy is all about. Thank you”
Temitope Olohimare Ogbeide
Course: Professional Success as an Educator

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